About Us

The E.W Balasuriya store is a destination in itself. Set in the picturesque hill capital of Kandy, the store takes you on a sublime journey, where you will learn everything you need to know about gems and jewellery.

Having been in the business for more than 30 years, our passion and excellence towards the field of Jewellery & Design has reached new heights. Making Jewellery is only half of what we do. Here at E.W. Balasuriya we make sure that when you purchase a piece from us, that you take home your own personal trinket, a story, a heirloom, that will grow in value, beauty and artistry as the years go by.

The mine: Your journey will begin at the gem mine. Complete with life-like models and ambient sound effects, the mine will help you understand the effort and extent of labour that is required, in the quest to find the gem stones.



Where it all happens: Your next stop is at the Lapidary, where precious gemstones are intricately cut and polished to perfection. The gems are then moved to the laboratory where they are inspected, quality checked, and sent to our designers to be transformed into works of art.



At the workshop these exquisite gems are set in precious metals by highly skilled craftsmen realizing our dream of creating precious works of art.



At the Museum : See natural gems in their original crystal forms, placed among antiques and artefacts in our cave-like museum. You can see how the gems are first found in the mines in crystal, fragment or pebble form. Some are as small as a pin head and some weigh several kilograms and they come in all kinds of shapes, colours and qualities. 



Showroom:  The modern showroom contains a wide variety of gems,  colours, colour combinations, cuts, shapes and sizes. All are products of nature, cut and polished by the best of lapidarists. Look around to see all kinds of exquisite jewellery – rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces, brooches, bracelets, tie-pins…..all of them set with natural gemstones. The salespersons will help you to find the gem or the jewellery item, that you always wanted to own. You will be happy to be there!



Roof-top Restaurant: There is a roof-top restaurant which gives a breath-taking view of the knuckles mountain range, Mahaweli river and the Udawattakalle forest reserve, the largest that any city has in the world.



Our Mantra is to Inspire, instruct and Delight our visitors.

We are licenced by : National Gem & Jewellery Authority &Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority.