Message from our Chairman

We have been in business in the historic hill capital Kandy since 1984. Our gem complex, situated on the top of a hill surrounded by green virgin forest and blue mountains comprises lecture theatres, a gem and mineral museum in a cave – setting, simulated gem mine, gem-cutting section, jewellery workshop, standard gemmological laboratory and a spacious showroom.

 We are there to Inspire, Instruct and Delight our visitors.


The Showroom


The modern showroom contains a wide variety of gems,  colours, colour combinations, cuts, shapes and sizes. All are products of nature, cut and polished by the best of lapidarists. Look around to see all kinds of exquisite jewellery – rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces, brooches, bracelets, tie-pins…..all of them set with natural gemstones. The salespersons will help you to find the gem or the jewellery item, that you always wanted to own. You will be happy to be there!


The Museum


See natural gems in their original crystal forms, placed among antiques and artefacts in our cave-like museum. You can see how the gems are first found in the mines in crystal, fragment or pebble form. Some are as small as a pin head and some weigh several kilograms and they come in all kinds of shapes, colours and qualities. 


The Model Mine


The model mine shows various stages of gem mining in Sri Lanka with life-like mechanical working figures of miners. At the entrance you see how the traditional ritual is performed before the digging starts. How the gem bearing gravel is brought up using a roller pulley, how larger non-gem stones are eliminated, and the digging process are all demonstrated in the model mine made of actual materials used in real mines.


Design Centre and Workshop


Designs-traditional, modern and combinations of  both styles are created by our jewellery designers. These are transformed into real jewellery by our craftsmen basically by hand with the help of modern tools in our workshop. We have exquisite jewellery, each a unique creation, made of 18K yellow gold, 18K white gold and also in Sterling Silver. Every piece is unique and is made by a top craftsman hailing from a centuries old tradition.



The Lapidary


In the lapidary you can see how rough stones coming from the mines, are cut and polished to produce dazzling gemstones fit for jewellery.


The Laboratory


In the finest modern Gem Laboratory that a gem establishment has for any gem business in Sri Lanka, each and every gemstone that goes into the showroom is carefully tested by three British FGA qualified, experienced gemmologists. All items of jewellery are also carefully examined in the laboratory before they are sent to the showroom.  If you have quality in mind, there is no other place than E.W.Balasutiya & Co. that you could really rely on.


The Restaurant


There is a roof-top restaurant which gives a breath-taking view of the knuckles mountain range, Mahaweli river and the Udawattakalle forest reserve, the largest that any city has in the world.